Brassybra is a unique 97% cotton blend boob tape that breathes and moves with you. Best of all, it lifts, shapes and support!

No more straps!

Brassybra® for any occasion!

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How does it work?

Brassybra® comes in sizes A-DDDD (European A-G). Click the link below for application tutorials.

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FINALLY!!! Please know that I made a special effort to write this review as I normally don't bother with them BUT I honestly can't say enough good things about this product and I wanted others to know about it!

- Shelly

I bought my brassybra months go and yesterday I decided to wear them just to try them. Omg I am a 30 H. I was surprised! I was able to wear a dress without a regular bra. Then, I took a shower and they were perfectly fine. Brassybra is the best. I am in love.

- Dania

This product is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Seriously, I was skeptical after trying the other kind of sticky bra that has the drawstring in the middle for "support"...which was a joke and did not work at all by the way... This product though, works PERFECTLY!!

- Miranda