Brassybra Vanilla

$ 38.00
  • Brassybra Vanilla, breast tape, boob tape, invisible bra

Brassybra Vanilla

$ 38.00
$ 38.00

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Brassybra® is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra.


No matter the outfit, we can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles to keep you supported and strap free. 


Brassybra is like a second skin that's made with a unique medical grade adhesive:

  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • Our water-resistant adhesive sticks with you through dancing, swimming and all your special event needs.  

Each box of Brassybra contains:

  • 3 one time use bra sets
  • 3 pairs of nipple covers
  • One Test Strip

Our boob tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, made from 97% cotton. 
Brassybra is adjustable, customizable and can be cut to fit any unique shape or style (see video for more information).

Customer Reviews

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Where was this my whole life?

116pds 34DD stayed in place felt like wearing nothing,loved it so much bought my girlfriend one too, I'm hooked!

These Worked!

I needed a solution for my wedding gown and tried a lot of different options until I stumbled onto these. I am 145lb, DD, not perky. I applied them at 2:30pm and they held, strongly - in FL heat, through dancing and jumping - until I took them off around midnight. Highly recommend getting "that little extra" strips to really help hold everything where you want it. Was also easily able to trim/cut edges so that everything stayed below my dress lines.

I loveeeee brassy bra

This is honestly the best experience with a bra I’ve ever had. It works amazing and it holds for long periods of time. I plan on wearing it with my wedding dress it is so AMAZING

Too big and too dark

These were way bigger than I expected as I ordered the smallest size.
They were also too dark in color and I ordered the lightest color.

Hi Heather, thank you for your feedback! The beauty of Brassybra is that it can be trimmed to any size you need if the A/B is too large. We're trying to cater to as many people as possible within 3 sizes and 5 shades, so we cannot be a perfect match for everyone, however, our product is designed so you can make it your own. The shade matters very little unless one is wearing with a sheer top, when trimmed its invisible <3

I really want to try these, I live on the gulf coast in the Panhandle. I love to wear strapless tops and dresses because its very hot and sunny. I'm a 60 year old and a 42 C. I am worried that they are not going to hold? Money is tight, but really want to try. My boobs are not real saggy at all. I work in marketing and finance & work with alot of woman. None of us have heard about this.