Brassybra Licorice

$ 38.00
  • Brassybra Licorice, breast tape, boob tape, invisible bra

Brassybra Licorice

$ 38.00
$ 38.00

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Brassybra® is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra.


No matter the outfit, we can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles to keep you supported and strap free. 


Brassybra is like a second skin that's made with a unique medical grade adhesive:

  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • Our water-resistant adhesive sticks with you through dancing, swimming and all your special event needs.  

Each box of Brassybra contains:

  • 3 one time use bra sets
  • 3 pairs of nipple covers
  • One Test Strip

Our boob tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, made from 97% cotton. 
Brassybra is adjustable, customizable and can be cut to fit any unique shape or style (see video for more information).

Customer Reviews

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Not enough stick
Hi Danyell, Thank you for your feedback! Because our adhesive is so strong, if it starts coming down we know it's very likely one of these issues: 1. Make sure your skin is BONE dry while applying, wait at least 30 minutes after showering make sure there's absolutely no leftover oil or lotion on your skin. We also recommend applying in a cooler room, for example, we wouldn't suggest applying in the restroom after someone's just taken a hot shower and the room is filled with steam, which can cause many to start to sweat, which will then make it harder to get the Brassybra to adhere.  
 2. Make sure to rub it into your skin vigorously after you've placed it on your breast, for at least 60 seconds until you feel it warm up. Our adhesive is heat activated, so dryness and heat are your two best friends with Brassybra. 
 3. Make sure you allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to set before you leave the house, do makeup, curl hair, move around much, as moving your arms will move the product and then it won't be able to adhere properly. 
 After the 30 minute setting period, you can trim, swim, sweat, dance, etc, all day long. We're sending you a private message as well, please feel free to reach out with any questions! Best, Brassybra Team
They really work
Possibly not applied right
Thank you Nicole! We're sending you a private message now, our little extra strips were created for side spillage etc and we can help you with placement!