That Little Extra

$ 12.00
  • That Little Extra, breast tape, boob tape, invisible bra

That Little Extra

$ 12.00
$ 12.00

Our newest product "That Little Extra" is a terrific compliment to Brassybra! Got spillage? Need more support? Need more coverage? Or how about more cleavage? "That Little Extra" is there to help! It is rectangular strip version of our Brassybra and it can do that and more! It can be used to correct any Brassybra application issues or just be an added enhancement for shape, hold and cleavage. 


6 Strips of That Little Extra.

The color may differ from what you see on your screen.

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Worth it!!!
Terrible buy
Hi JaQuala, Thank you for your feedback! Because the adhesive is so strong, we know that when there's an issue with stick, it's very likely that there might be something preventing it from adhering, sometimes something as small as: 1. Sweating during application. 2. Residue of oil, lotion, or a leftover film from a moisturizing body wash. 3. Not waiting 30 minutes after showering to apply (skin is still slightly moist). 4. Not rubbing Brassybra into the skin for a full 60 seconds to warm up the heat activated adhesive. 5. Not allowing 30 minutes of setting time before moving the arms/sweating etc. We're sending you a private message now as well! We're always here to help, so never hesitate if you have any questions. There are lots of small points here that all of us don't necessarily think about when using a new product, so our intention is to showcase all the little tweaks during application that can help. When Brassybra is applied on clean, bone dry skin, and warmed up, and allowed to set, the adhesion is extremely strong, and it uses your body heat to get stronger the longer you wear it. Best, Brassybra Team
Unleash the girls!!🍈🍈