That Little Extra

$ 12.00
  • That Little Extra, breast tape, boob tape, invisible bra

That Little Extra

$ 12.00
$ 12.00

Our newest product "That Little Extra" is a terrific compliment to Brassybra! Got spillage? Need more support? Need more coverage? Or how about more cleavage? "That Little Extra" is there to help! It is rectangular strip version of our Brassybra and it can do that and more! It can be used to correct any Brassybra application issues or just be an added enhancement for shape, hold and cleavage. 


6 Strips of That Little Extra.

The color may differ from what you see on your screen.

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The brasybra was good it does feel weird I’m a DDDD I think if I cut it it would be as much as support I started to & seen how low it went & I didn’t but it did stick on pretty good. The little extra didn’t really stick on like that at all it was starting to come off once I put my shirt on.

Hi Precious! Thank you so much for your feedback. TLE is made from the same material and adhesive as Brassybra, so if you're having issues with adhesion, you can follow the same steps. Here are the most common reasons for an issue: 1. Make sure your skin is BONE dry while applying, wait at least 30 minutes after showering make sure there's absolutely no leftover oil or lotion on your skin. We also recommend applying in a cooler room, for example, we wouldn't suggest applying in the restroom after someone's just taken a hot shower and the room is filled with steam, which can cause many to start to sweat, which will then make it harder to get the Brassybra to adhere.  
 2. Make sure to rub it into your skin vigorously after you've placed it on your breast, for at least 60 seconds until you feel it warm up. Our adhesive is heat activated, so dryness and heat are your two best friends with Brassybra. 
 3. Make sure you allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to sweat before you leave the house, do makeup, curl hair, move around much, as moving your arms will move the product and then it won't be able to adhere properly. 
 After the 30 minute setting period, you can trim, swim, sweat, dance, etc, all day long. Please reach out if you have any questions!

That Little Extra

Less support after 2 hours of wear

Worked well with the dress I wanted to wear in my living room 🤷‍♀️ After two dress changes one side start coming undone . I still enjoyed wearing it .

Hi Nat! Thank you for your feedback! If you rub Brassybra into your skin vigorously upon application, as well as let the product set for 30 minutes before movement, you'll lock the adhesion in and it will last all day! If you experience any peeling, you can always use a blowdryer on low (our adhesive is heat activated) to re-activate the stick! Always reach out to us if you have any questions, we're here to help! Brassybra Team
I was so excited.

I definitely think they would work. Just not for me :( my chest is way too big and I even got the extra coverage strips and they just made my boobs look weird.

Hi Mikky, Thank you for your feedback! We're so sorry to hear you're unhappy with Brassybra and we're sure we can help. Because Brassybra is so customizable to everyone's unique needs, there can definitely be a learning curve when figuring out what application style will best suit your needs. We'll send you an email and can follow up with additional photos and tips to make sure we can help <3 Brassybra Team
The best!

This is my second purchase from brassy bra and I couldn’t be happier! I’m a 32k and With the awesome tips from brassy bra it even works for me!