Brassybra Chocolate

$ 38.00
  • Brassybra Chocolate, breast tape, boob tape, invisible bra

Brassybra Chocolate

$ 38.00
$ 38.00

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Brassybra® is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra.


No matter the outfit, we can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles to keep you supported and strap free. 


Brassybra is like a second skin that's made with a unique medical grade adhesive:

  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • Our water-resistant adhesive sticks with you through dancing, swimming and all your special event needs.  

Each box of Brassybra contains:

  • 3 one time use bra sets
  • 3 pairs of nipple covers
  • One Test Strip

Our boob tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, made from 97% cotton. 
Brassybra is adjustable, customizable and can be cut to fit any unique shape or style (see video for more information).

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Amazing service
Chocolate set
Hi Barbara, Thank you for your feedback! Removal shouldn't hurt! There's a couple of things that can help. Are you using a ton of oil to remove? You want to saturate not only on top of the product, but underneath it as you SLOWLY remove from bottom to top. A hot shower helps as well. Larger busts have to be careful with wear times as well as larger breasts are naturally heavier and thus stress your skin more by being taped up over time. You don't want to exceed 8 hour wear, and if you have heavy breasts, that may cap out around 6-7 hours depending on your skin type. You always want to remove if you feel any itching or pulling sensations, as that's your skin saying please, let me rest! Sending you a PM now, thank you, and we hope this helps! Best, Brassybra Team
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